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Office Location706 NW Fort Sill Blvd

Office HoursMonday - Friday: 8AM - 6PM

Phone(580) 355 - 3555

Fax(580) 357 - 2245


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum rental agreement length?
At this time we require that all tenants sign a minimum of a three (3) month rental agreement for any size unit.
Will I be charged a late fee if I miss a payment?
Yes. We charge a late fee of $11 after the 10th of the month that your payment is overdue.
Where can I update my payment method for my unit?
Payment method updates can be made through U-Haul.

Our website links directly to U-Haul so if you used one of the links on our website to create an account and make a reservation then that is where you will need to go.
Why is there a U-Haul® logo on your website?
We have partnered with U-Haul® to process our storage unit reservation and recurring billing.
Do you offer insurance programs?
Yes. You can purchase insurance through U-Haul® or provide your own. Although rare, there are elements that can cause loss or damage in which Uptown Storage cannot be held liable therefore we strongly suggest you provide your own insurance on your valuables or take out a low cost policy with Safe Stor — see contract for details.
What happens to my belongings when my contract ends?
Every customer is responsible for the removal of their belongings from their storage unit upon the termination of their contract. If property is not removed or there exists a failure to pay then your belongings may become property of Uptown Storage.
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